Product Category: PCI I/O CARDS

Product Description

  Compliant with PCI specification revision 2.2 Compliant with PCI Bus Power Management Specification revision 1.1
Interface: 2 Serial ATA ports (1 internal, 1 external); 1 Ultra ATA port.
SATA Interface:
Provides 2 SATA ports - 1 x internal, 1 x external.
Provides two independent channels to connect up to two Serial ATA hard disk device
Supports SATA 1.0 (high speed serialisation AT attachment, revision 1.0).
1.5Gb/s data rate.
Parallel ATA Interface:
Provides 1 x IDE port - internal.
Supports Ultra DMA Mode Transfers up to Mode 6 Timing (133 Mbytes/sec).
Supports 48-bit LBA (Large Disk), hard drives larger than 137GB.
Supports PIO Modes up to Mode 4 Timings, and Multiword DMA Mode 0,1,2 with Independent Timing of up to 2 drives.
Supports Tri-state IDE Signals.

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